What's Brewing- April 8, 2019

So Sans Coffee is a coffee subscription that I am trying out.

Every month they feature a rare coffee from a roaster around the world. April was their second month doing it and they featured a Bolivian Longberry (Java) from Alasitas farm roasted by Drop Coffee Roasters located in Stockholm, Sweden.

They ship 100 grams of coffee all around the world for $35.00 CAD so it is a bit pricey but shipping was free, so that’s a plus. I thought I would try it out since I want a variety of good coffee, from different roasters, and rare coffees from all around the world.

Since I only got 100 grams I am going to space it out throughout the month, only having a small cup here and there so I am not brewing this one all week, its been more of a month kinda coffee.

Roaster: Drop Coffee Roasters

Origin: Bolivia

Altitude: 1580 masl

Process: Washed

Variety: Longberry (Java)


Brewer: Hario V60 with white V60 filters

Water: 203°F

Ratio: 1:16

Dose: 16g:260g

Total Brew Time: 2:45

There is one thing other than the price that I am not a fan of, and that is the packaging. The packaging looks nice, it is a sepia coloured plastic with a nice label, but there is no seal which is the thing I do not like. I would like it if they kept it air tight like some sort of bag that a lot of roasters do. I’m guessing that the roasters ship the coffee to Hong Kong and then the coffee is packaged there. When you open it, there is a flimsy piece of plastic in between the coffee and the lid but I don’t believe that keeps it fresh compared to an air tight bag.

One thing that is also interesting about this subscription is that they include a card with a description on “What Makes This Coffee So Damn Good?” which is from the roastery manager and a “Brew Guide” on how you should make it for the best cup of coffee. I found this card to be very interesting because I usually only have one way of doing a pour over coffee so it’s nice to see different ways of it being done.

I found this coffee to have nutty, floral notes, with a lasting salted caramel aftertaste. I can also see where this varietal gets its name from, the beans are long and narrow looking compared to others.

What's Brewing- March 18, 2019

This week, I am brewing a coffee roasted by The Coffee Collective located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The bag is written in danish so forgive me for any incorrect translating.

Roaster: The Coffee Collective

Origin: Guatemala

Altitude: 1600- 1900 masl

Process: Natural

Variety: N/A

The Coffee Collective Using Kalita Wave

Brewer: Kalita Wave 185 with Kalita 185 Filter

Water: 205°

Ratio: 1:16

Dose: 18g:300g

Total Brew Time: 3:15

I found this coffee to taste very much like wine probably coming from the strawberry flavour note described on the bag. This tends to be common with a natural process coffee. To me, it also tasted like a chocolate covered strawberry.

What's Brewing- March 11, 2019

This week, I am brewing a coffee roasted by Floozy Coffee Roasters located in Newcaslte, Australia to celebrate International Women’s Day which was a week ago. They are a micro- roastery that is committed to women empowerment in the coffee industry.

Roaster: Floozy Coffee Roasters

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1938 masl

Process: Fully Washed

Variety: Bourbon, Colombia

Floozy Coffee 2019

Brewer: Kinto Coffee Style Dripper + Hario V60 02 Filter

Water: 205°

Ratio: 1:16

Dose: 18g:300g

Total Brew Time: 3:30

This coffee was a very nice washed Colombian coffee, it reminded me of cherry cola with a hint of vanilla.