What's Brewing- March 18, 2019

This week, I am brewing a coffee roasted by The Coffee Collective located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The bag is written in danish so forgive me for any incorrect translating.

Roaster: The Coffee Collective

Origin: Guatemala

Altitude: 1600- 1900 masl

Process: Natural

Variety: N/A

The Coffee Collective Using Kalita Wave

Brewer: Kalita Wave 185 with Kalita 185 Filter

Water: 205°

Ratio: 1:16

Dose: 18g:300g

Total Brew Time: 3:15

I found this coffee to taste very much like wine probably coming from the strawberry flavour note described on the bag. This tends to be common with a natural process coffee. To me, it also tasted like a chocolate covered strawberry.